It came as a big suprise to me that  frosthome  now has visitors from all over the world. As much as 13 countris has visited my blogg this week and that really makes me happy. Thank you for following me and for writing nice comments to me. Since I have that many englishspeaking visitors, I´ve decided to try writing in english. To all of my norwegian followers, are you ok with this?

Today has been on of those sunday where everything goes in slowmotion. Jonathan waked up at 05 am but we had a nice day anyhow. I made appplepie. This is a really easy recipe. Just cruble the butter, flavor and sugar. Cut the apple in small boats and add them in the crubled mass. On top you can add som cinnamon. Put the pie in the oven for about 15 minutes. This pie also taste really good if you use wild berries instead of apples. After eating this pie I put on my jogging shoes and went for an hour running in the woods. Running is really like therapy for me.

On this picture you can also see my homemade coffee-table. The recipe for how to make your on coffeetable, you can find here

Well, enjoy the rest of your weekend, I sure will!



  1. Den så deilig ut ja! Kom akkurat over bloggen din og her har jeg virkelig drømt meg bort! Et nydelig hjem og marerialvalgene dine i interiøret er så flotte! Hit vil jeg komme ofte innom!

    Elsker bruken av naturmaterialer. Du har flotte kontraster og fargebruk etter min smak!

    Ha en flott ny uke!

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