Hello to all my lovely followers!

Thank you for visiting me yesterday. It really inspires me to write more on my blogg. I would be very happy if you left a comment about with you liked, what you miss or what ever is on your mind. I sometimes wonder about the small things in life that can be inspiring. For me it can be a new word from my youngest son, it can be reading a inspiring crime novel or beautiful flowers from my garden. I conclude that I am easy to make happy 🙂

Have you ready Dennis Cohane. He really writes exciting crime. I recommend you trying it.

Now I just got om my boat and are off to collecting my boys from kindergarden. Moving to a place where you need a boat to get to job is the best choice I have ever made. Its pure therapy to look out the window, having a room for silent quality-time.

Have a lovely afternoon!:)


2 thoughts on “LIVING ROOM

  1. Eg synest at kjøkkenet ditt er enormt spennande og inspirerande, så innlegg om kjøkkenet er jatakk 🙂 Ellers har du jo ein nydelig heim, gongen, stova, soverommet – berre glad for at du er online så me får sjå 🙂

    klem Eli

    1. Tusen tusen takk for det! Er så utrolig inspirerende å få sånne kommentarer. Skal huske på å få noen kjøkkeninnlegg ut snart. Ha en strålende kveld!


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