Hey everybody!

We are really invaded by a virus that has kept us inside all weekend, so I cant really report of a really exciting event-weekend and no big projects. Thought I would show you something else instead. When I had my first son I promised myself a nice gift to celebrate nine months of pregnancy and a though birth. I meet a local designer and had her design my first dress. I picked out fabrics from the 70th (Big flowers) and 60th (The top) and the rest in front and in the back are modern fabrics. I wanted the dress to “be me” and by choosing these fabrics I imagined I was telling a story about how much I enjoy the beauty of things with a history. Apart from that I think the dress is absolutely stunning.

What about you? Had a nice weekend? Ready for a new week?

Have a beautiful monday : )



  1. Lekker kjole! Så kult at du har brukt en lokal designer -det kunne jeg tenke meg også! Sliter sånn med å finne kjoler som inneholder alle kriterier jeg har… he he….
    Håper viruset har tatt avskjed nå!

    1. Lokal designer anbefales 🙂 en slik kjole kan gå i arv..eller nå har jo jeg to gutter, men, men, de finner seg vel kjærester en gang. Viruset er på tilbakegang. Thank god 🙂 Ha en strålende kveld, Lise. Klem

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