Hope you are all enjoying summer. I am enjoying lazy, warm summerdays here in beautiful Menorca and  I can really recommend it. Menorca has a stunning nature. Small, sandy beaches and cliffs surrounding it. I am sorry that I havent been able to update the latest days, but I´ve had problems with my blog platform, so I am sorry to keep you waiting.

Traveling with to small boys is at some points challenging, as on our journey down here when we had a baby crying constant for to hours. And at some points its intense, but all in all, its really recommendable. We enjoy ourselves and so does the boys. But if you have the chance: Invite a couple of grandparents. : )

The pictures are from Ciucidella. The biggest city here in Menorca.  We went there yesterday to do some shopping.  Its a beautiful city with lots of charm and a really nice port with small cozy restaurants. An take a look at my oldest son, Linus, photoshooting with his mom. He looks like a prof, don`t you think?

Now I am heading to the pool for a swim, and then off to a late lunch or a early dinner 🙂 Gotta run!

See you guys!



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