GOOD MORNING! Rise and shine. We have just had a nice breakfast at out terrass with fresh bread, croissants and orange juice. Jammi! I am heading out for a run. Running here in Menorca is a excellent way of getting to know the island. Yesterday when I went for a run I found a small cave. I went inside and jumped in the water. It was really refreshing. When this is the environment you see jogging here, I have a hard time motivating me for workout when I get home to rain. Well, I will enjoy it as long as I have the chance.

See ya. Have a beautiful day!


2 thoughts on “WORKOUT IN MENORCA

  1. Ser ut som dåke har goooode dagar 🙂 Ein ting som kan vera positivt med å jogga her heime i Norge er den friske lufta som er når det har regna, og at det er veldig grønt og fint 😉

    Nyt livet! Eg har to små dagar att å jobba før eg startar min ferie, herlig!

    Klem Eli

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